Baby Green Thumb, LLC

As a Registered Dietitian, making healthy choices is a top priority at home and at work. Once I became a parent, the practice of making healthy choices extended to the decisions I would make for my son. Making seemingly simple choices – like selecting our son’s first toy – began with research, and lead to the discovery of a complex world of harmful and toxic chemicals. Not only were these chemicals harmful, but they are present in the every day items most of us come into contact with, or even consume.

The good news - was that safe and natural alternatives existed. Finding those alternatives, however, wasn't always straight forward. From speaking to manufacturers, to studying chemical compounds, choosing a safe product soon became a series of projects. Nonetheless, with the right resources, I was better equipped to make the necessary decisions for my son, and family.

After realizing that wholesome resources aimed at guiding parents - like my husband and I - did not readily exist, we decided to start A website that only carries safe products, and provides moms and dads, like us, resources that can help them live a healthy lifestyle.

It is therefore our mission, to provide you with the resources to help you learn, and purchase products that are safe and healthy for your family.