Introducing the EIO glass Kids Cup. Yes, it exists – a one of a kind glass sippy cup for infants. Although not completely constructed of glass, the cup is designed to transition children – most suitable for ages 2 and up – to glass dinnerware.

EIO Kids Cup

There are 3 parts to the cup. A glass jar, a plastic cap (Polypropylene), and a silicone sleeve – made without BPA, PVC or Phthalates. The cap is perhaps the most unique part of the cup. You won’t find a valve or spout. Liquid exits the cup using the good old force of gravity (tilt the cup), promoting sipping instead of sucking.

The EIO Kids Cup is a recent PTPA winner (2011 Parent Tested Parent Approved winner). With its simple design, the cup can work with different types of liquid beverages, for example smoothies or juices, and makes clean up a little easier too. The EIO Kids Cup is available in three colors: orange, purple, and green.

Take a look at the video below for a view of the EIO Kids Cup in action.